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CC Payment Authorization Form

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Request for Funds - Employee
Request for Funds - Student
Sales Tax Exempt Form

Travel Reimbursement Rates - Comptroller 


Student Insurance Claim Form

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Allocation Request

Auto Claim Form

Business Office Guidelines

Employee Handbook

Employee Injury Report

General Liability Claim Form

Key Request Form

Post Employment Information Form
Property Claim Form

Bus Driving - Activity

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Direct Deposit Form

Payroll Calendar 2018-2019

Payroll Deduction Form

Sick Leave Bank Request

Sick Leave Bank Medical Certification

Supplemental Pay Request (Employee)

Time Sheet - Nonexempt

Time Sheet - Teacher - Summer School

W-4 Form

PDAS Teacher Self-Report Form
Teacher Self-Report From
Observation Summary / Summative Appraisal
Appraisal Framework
Strength/Impact/Variety/Alignment Chart
Scoring Criteria Guide
Obeservation/Scripting/Documentation Form
Intervention Plan for Teachers needing assistance
Principals DAEP Placement Order
Discipline Referral Form

Parent Request and Release Form


School Activity Fund Essentials

SAFE Manual

Application for Fundraiser

Responsibilities of Activity Fund Sponsors

Deposit Summary

Petty Cash Voucher and Settle-Up


Absence From Duty Form

Absence Correction Form

At Risk Change Form

At Risk Exit Form

Data Verification Form

PID Search Form

Teacher Attendance Correction Form

Withdrawal Addendum


Absence from Duty Request

Announcements for Approval

Curriculum Map

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JH Travel Form

Request to Leave Early

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